Multicultural Immigrant Student Program


Every year 65,000 undocumented students graduate from U.S high schools. From there, they face a long uphill battle to higher education. Despite the fact that they cannot access government loans, grants, and most scholarships, undocumented students are accepted to and graduate from top universities every year. Once they make it in, however, undocumented students only face more hardship. Those who do graduate face the harsh reality of not being able to put their degrees to work, since they cannot legally work. This means that a whole class of professionals -- including future doctors, teachers and lawyers -- are not able to exercise their talents. The only hope for these students is the Federal Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. The D.R.E.A.M Act would grant conditional residence to students who have entered the U.S before the age of 16, who graduate from U.S high school, have good moral character and have completed either two years of higher education or two years of military service. Furthermore the D.R.E.A.M Act will allow these hard-working students to put their education to work. It is of urgent importance that the American people hear these stories and understand the importance of the passage of the D.R.E.A.M Act this year. Most importantly your viewers will greatly gain from hearing the stories of these great students pursuing the American dream.
- Nancy Meza, UCLA

*Tour de Dreams Bike Ride*

On August 14th to August 22th, AB540 Student groups students from California's distinguished colleges will ride their bicycles 511 miles from UC Los Angeles's Campus to the University of California, Berkeley's Sproul Plaza to raise money for student scholarships in their respective campuses.

This will be our first annual ride where a group of dedicated students will be riding their bicycles through the California Coastline and some of California's distinguished College campuses and arrive at UCLA. Our goal this year is to raise enough money to be able to maintain and/or establish scholarships for low-income students in California. Your donation will help change the lives of a young college bound student and to push us to strive for bigger changes and accomplishments in the up coming years.

Anyone interested in doing the ride can sign up through Dream Activist at the following link:

The following list of locations is the most updated schedule of locations that we will be passing with in the Tour De Dreams:

August 14th - UC Los Angeles to CAL State Northridge
August 15th - CAL State Northridge to Emma Woods State Park
August 16th - Emma Woods State Park to UC Santa Barbara
August 17th - UC Santa Barbara to Santa Maria, CA
August 18th- Santa Maria, CA to San Simeon State Park
August 19th - San Simeon State Park to Pfeiffer Big Sur
August 20th - Pfeiffer Big Sur to UC Santa Cruz
August 21st - UC Santa Cruz to CAL State San Jose
August 22nd - CAL State San Jose to UC Berkeley