Multicultural Immigrant Student Program

Immigration and the Immigrant Student in Higher Education

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Ethnic Studies 97/197                Faculty Sponsor: Jere Takahashi
Fall 2009 107 Mulford
Office Hours: by appointment

Course Description:
This course is designed to orient freshmen and recent transfers who are immigrant students to the University of California at Berkeley in an intimate learning atmosphere.  Its goals include: identifying campus resources that will facilitate the transition of entering and continuing students, and forming a supportive immigrant community at Cal.  Through the exploration of resources on campus for immigrant students, student will develop an awareness of the academic support programs, career planning, and student life programs available at Cal.  In addition, students will be engaged in discussions on relevant issues that immigrants face at the university level.  This course will also further engage in discussion of the most current legislative campaign of the DreamAct with respect to AB540 students.  Students are expected to work in collaboration with a program or organization that serves the immigrant community for a class project.  At the end of the course, students should be able to orient themselves on campus, discover what areas need to be implemented in order to better serve the needs of the immigrant population, and to create a program that would be able to be carried out in the future.

Requirements (not limited to):
1. Be on time and ready for class.  One UNEXCUSED absence will result in not passing the course.  (An excused absence is one that is cleared at least two days in advance or taken for medical/family emergencies).
2. A 5-6 page paper on a topic within immigration.  Instructions will be given later.
3. Program development assignment and presentation.
4. Participation in class.

Name: Marco Antonio Flores
Position: MISP Intern Lead
Phone: (951) 801-1395
Office Hours: Monday 2:00pm – 3:00pm
        Friday 10:00am – 11:00am // 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: 249 Cesar Chavez

Name: Mayra Gomez
Position: DeCal Facilitator
Phone: (650) 518-1381
Office Hours: Wednesday 9:00am – 11:00am
Location: 249 Cesar Chavez
Lesson Plans (tentative)
Note: Dates and topics are subjected to change

09/08/2009    Introduction/course overview/ administration
09/15/2009    immigration history of groups in the United States
09/22/2009    stereotypes of immigrants in the media
09/29/2009    challenges at Cal for documented/undocumented  immigrant students
10/06/2009    Explain “Program Development Assignment”
10/13/2009    Program Development
10/20/2009    Midterm Reflection Paper Due
10/27/2009    Program Development
11/03/2009    Program Development
11/10/2009    Program Development
11/17/2009    Program Development
11/24/2009    Program Development
12/01/2009    Presentations of Program Development
12/08/2009    Campus Involvement and Community Activism